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Pre & Post Storm Home Services In Naples Florida

Storm seasons can be a real pain. Let us help ensure you’re properly prepared as well as taken care of after the storm has passed. If you live in Naples Florida, call us today for a consultation.

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Naples Storm Watch Company

About Our Storm Watch Services in Naples, FL

In the past six years, Naples has faced two significant hurricanes, impacting virtually every home and property in Southwest Florida. This history underscores the necessity for a home watch company that not only offers regular monitoring but also provides specialized storm services. At 1-Stop Home Watch, we understand the critical importance of preparedness and rapid response in minimizing storm damage and ensuring the safety and security of your property.

Essential Storm Preparedness Services

Our storm services are a vital component of our concierge offerings. We conduct thorough inspections of your property to identify and resolve any potential issues before they escalate during a storm, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are well-prepared. As a storm approaches, our team takes proactive steps such as closing shutters and securely storing any items that could become airborne, thus preventing possible hazards.

Customized Storm Protection Plans

As the premier home watch company in Naples, FL, we strongly advocate for our clients to have either hurricane-resistant glass or shutters installed. To streamline preparations and keep your home watch service rates affordable, we recommend shutters that are motorized, crank-down, or accordion-type, as these can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Unlike many other home watch services in Naples, FL, which may not offer shutter installation just before a storm due to high demand, we ensure that your shutters are set up at the beginning of the storm season after you have departed. For homeowners who plan frequent summer visits, the National Home Watch Association recommends arranging for shutter installation before the storm season begins.

Proactive and Post-Storm Services

Our pre-staging service involves a test run at your home to ensure all necessary equipment is present and functioning correctly. This is crucial as there is no time for corrections once a storm is imminent. Additionally, before you leave Naples for the summer, we can help remove any potential projectiles, such as coconuts and other loose objects, to further secure your property.

Should you choose our storm coverage, 1-Stop Home Watch will prepare and inspect your property and inform you of the actions taken before a tropical storm or hurricane strikes. Clients who opt for this coverage receive priority service, ensuring that preparations are thorough and timely.

Comprehensive Post-Storm Assessment and Recovery

Post-storm services are critical for a swift recovery. We quickly assess damage and immediately inform you of the conditions. Coordinating with licensed and insured contractors, we facilitate the necessary repairs and mitigation efforts to handle any damage from the storm efficiently. This responsiveness is a key reason many seek “home watch services near me,” looking for reliable local support in times of need.

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